Wild Mouse, after escaping His captors who were heading for a museum, is causing calamity at a bowling alley, where Tom is working as security.


At night, Wild Mouse is running amok in the forest, until He goes into a safe which was a trap set by people of the Institute of Mouse Research for the mouse so that they can study Wild Mouse, the only mouse ever raised by wolves. Unfortunately, Wild Mouse escapes the safe and goes into the urban wilderness. At a bowling alley, We see Tom sitting in his office, eating a pizza and reading about Ninja Cats. The food's scent attracts Wild Mouse who breaks inside the building, attacks Tom when He was about to eat the pizza. Tom then checks the surveillance cameras, and sees Wild Mouse eating pizza and sipping soda on a bowling ball as Tom grabs a broom and sets to going after Wild Mouse. Tom strikes Wild Mouse on the head stuffs Him in the ball, and bowls him down the alley, knocking over all ten pins. Wild Mouse comes out of the ball in the ball return, and clobbers Tom horribly, and flinging Him to a cup holder. Tom gives chase as Wild Mouse runs to a soda machine and taunts Him. Tom manages to snag the mouse, after using a small stack of quarters to get Wild Mouse out. but Wild Mouse escapes by using a mouse trap which snaps at Tom's nose and slamming Tom down the bowling lane with a broom.

Tom checks the cameras again to locate Wild Mouse, who is eating bowling shoes at the counter, which Tom devises a scheme to trick Wild Mouse by painting a bowling ball red like an apple with a stick of dynamite. it starts with Tom giving the disguised explosive to Wild Mouse. He eats the ball leaving the core but the dynamite blows up in Tom's face. Wild Mouse then hides behind the bowling pins, which Tom knocks down with a bowling ball. with Wild Mouse as a bowling pin, Tom attempts to knock down the mouse, which was successful, then Wild Mouse starts flinging bowling pins in retaliation, and as Tom tried to run away, Wild Mouse uses a pin as a baseball bat to knock bowling balls at Tom forcing him to dodge and run. While the bowling ball bombardment is happening inside, the police surround the bowling alley demanding Wild Mouse surrender. Wild Mouse escapes through a flying bowling ball and goes crazily back to the forest where he'll remain a mystery as he plays bowling with his animal friends using a rock as a makeshift bowling ball, with himself and some forest animals as bowling pins as They laugh to their hearts' content as the screen fades to black.

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