Thatcher the Starling returns to have some family time with Tim and Trista, but a mob of cats want to swallow poor Thatcher.


At Trista's House, Tim and Trista are playing Go Fish, until a crash at the door. Tim opens it and sees Thatcher (in His pre-teen years) slightly injured, Tim takes Him in to heal, as Trista looks out the mail slot and sees a mob of hungry cats about to break down the door with a tree. thinking fast, Trista calls the pound to capture 13 cats outside Her house. the straycatcher captures all 13 cats, but some of them refused to come quietly, and clawed the straycatcher allowing 7 of the 13 cats to escape capture. Trista then screams for Tim to barricade the doors and board the windows, which He does. after 15 seconds. the both of them, with Thatcher, hide in a basement, which looks like an Arcade. in hopes that the cats gave up searching.

As the other cats continue searching the house, Tim and Trista have thoughts of playing with Thatcher in the Rec. Room, starting with plenty of games to play, movies to watch, and relaxing. but came to an end when one of the cats who were listening in and tells the others that the starling is under the bunker. after breaking in, The Cats force Trista and Tim out of the way as a chase went on. and when one of them got Thatcher, Tim's eyes became so Red, He went Berserk and clobbered the cats, which almost made Trista faint. after the Cats are carted away to an animal shelter, Tom and Trista are relaxing under a patio as they look at the night sky, as Thatcher looks up, then, He sees a girl starling and goes after Her as Tim and Trista wave goodbye.

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