Jerry dons the persona of Zorrito to stop the tyrannical El Gordo and His Tax Collector, Tomas.


In Spain, The Mice (and Jerry) are having a great time, until Tomas, the Tax Collector for El Gordo appears. as Tomas Taxes the mice in a demeaning way, Jerry goes inside a building and becomes Zorrito as He retrieves the Tax Money from Tomas and humiliates Him. the Townsmice then Chase after Tomas, as He escapes to El Gordo's Castle. El Gordo berates His Tax Collector for not getting the money, but Tomas explains through Hand Gestures that Zorrito was to Blame. as Tomas readies His Boss, El Gordo proclaims that Zorrito can't touch Him, Since He thought Zorrito can't get inside the castle. but El Gordo's medals are whipped by Zorrito's lariat, Humiliating Him and using His Lariat to break a Chandelier's rope, flattening Tomas, and the Chandelier as a Wheel, flattens El Gordo, when He was about to deal with Zorrito.

As El Gordo is about to send Tomas to continue Taxing the Townsmice, Zorrito inside one of El Gordo's shoes stamps El Gordo's outfit with a black Z, Who Orders Tomas to pursue Zorrito, who is hiding inside a Knight's Armor. however, Tomas throws a hot rock from a fireplace, and throws it inside the armor. but as El Gordo calls for Tomas, the Hot rock goes inside one of the shoes. When Tomas puts El Gordo's Foot inside one of the shoes, the Hot Rock made El Gordo go "YOW!" as Tomas is kicked into a fountain.

As El Gordo is eating, He tells Tomas That if Zorrito isn't dealt with soon, He'll give Tomas a certain punishment. in the Treasure Room, He reminds Tomas that Zorrito must not retrieve the Gold He Stole-- or Taxed back to the Townsmice. and after Tomas shuts the safe, He accidentally slamed the Door shut and squashing El Gordo's Tail. and as El Gordo was about to Physically harm Tomas, He sees Zorrito already inside the Treasure Room. as El Gordo and Tomas is searching, Zorrito stamps The Two Cats. and as Tomas chases Zorrito, He pulls out a bomb and is about to blow up Zorrito, but when Tomas sees only Zorrito's boots, Zorrito grabs the Bomb and rolls it to the Treasure Room, which blows up and all the money is raining at the Townsmice, who prosper once again. as For El Gordo and Tomas, They are forced to make an honest living at a Taco Restaurant, as Zorrito continues to dance.


Animation errors


  • When Tomas loses his pants, he has a pair of white boxer shorts with hearts on them. However, since this episode takes place in the Middle Ages, boxer shorts were not invented until A.D. 1925.
  • There is a food stand that sells tacos and Tomas buys a shell of them. However, tacos were invented by Mexicans and since it takes place in Spain during the Middle Ages, tacos did not expand internationally until the 20th century.


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